Clint has a great deal of experience in directing students with special needs. Clint creates a curriculum that allows students to set their own appropriate challenge. High achievers can delve into large, complicated projects, and struggling students can work at their own pace.

– Colleague and parent of two of Clint’s students

Clint gives his continued commitment to developmentally appropriate education. Having worked in varying capacities, and several other Montessori schools myself (Early Childhood Assistant, Upper El Lead, Teacher Trainer), I recognize his special attention to meeting students’ social/emotional needs, and supporting their independent learning styles.

– Co-Teacher

My son has always liked school, but I hadn’t seen him so engaged in years when he entered Clint’s classroom in grade 5. My son thrived in that classroom. He felt safe, supported, and appropriately challenged. He laughed often and had fun. He was respected for who he was and was treated as a leader—a big deal for a soft-spoken intellectual boy. My son felt he could learn from Clint in ways that were new and exciting; suddenly he loved cultural studies and writing.

– Charter School Board President and parent of a student

As a teacher, I have been impressed by Clint’s ability to draw the interest of students of all abilities and backgrounds into his lessons. His skills in organization and his love of learning allow him to engage students and relate to them in ways that help them see the connection between his lessons and their lives. In his work with the families, Clint has gone above and beyond, often setting regular weekly meetings with students and parents in order to support academic learning and to strengthen the home-school connection. This extra time and support has enabled many of his formerly struggling students to see the value of follow through and attention in the classroom as well as helping the families build communication and connectedness.

– Colleague

Clint Moore is someone who generates creative ideas and then inspires and motivates the people around him to act. He starts with the children – he teaches them independence and delegates responsibility to them, until they are off and running on their own. The children then inspire their parents, building and energizing the community on campus, which overflows with an infectious joy in meaningful learning that floods the larger world. Everybody comes out grateful and renewed. This is artful teaching at its best.

– Principal